The 2019 Smart Party prizes will be announced soon!



Buy a ticket or register for the online event to create your personal fundraising page. Then, share your page with friends and family and ask them to support The Women's Fund by:

1. Buying a ticket
2. Donating
3. Sharing your page link

Each time someone buys a ticket or donates, you move up the Fundraisers Leaderboard. Each time someone clicks your link, you move up the Social Leaderboard. 

Prizes will be awarded to the Top Fundraiser, Runner-Up Fundraiser, and Most Social. The Top Fundraiser selects their prize first, then Runner-Up Fundraiser, then Most Social.

The more you share your page, the better your chances of winning!

Check the leaderboards (below) anytime to see your ranking.



Each share, tweet, and email helps us spread the word about The Women's Fund of Greater Birmingham.

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